Teamwork - Psychological Safety

We make thousands of decisions everyday in automatic mode without a mistake. Yet we don’t reflect and celebrate this wonderful mode of human decision making at work rather, we put the blow torch on the one moment when it doesn’t work and something goes wrong. The language of ‘bloody idiot’ and ‘common sense’ is everywhere in industry and demonstrates a profound inability to understand sensemaking, mindfulness, perception and motivation.

Dr Rob Long

High-Performance Teams - Psychological Safety

Suitable for anyone who works in a team- especially cross-function teams or teams involved with complex projects.

Good teamwork is the heart of successful business. But what is a good team? Many teams are riven by dysfunctionality, poor leadership, groupthink, and in-fighting. Research across 180 teams and 37,000 employees at Google has identified the core component of high-performance teams - psychological safety. This is a collaborative, customer-focused and civil environment in which creativity, critical thought and cognitive flexibility can flourish.

But drop the smallest amount of toxicity into the team and everything can quickly become poisonous and low-performance. Informed by years of cutting-edge management research and decades of practical experience in organisational transformation, this Masterclass explains how to deliver a high-performance, psychologically safe environment and how to quickly identify and eliminate the various toxic processes, behaviours and people that destroy the core of a great business.

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