Reimagining People and Culture

Reimagining People and Culture

Suitable for HR executives and company leadership responsible for the corporate body, this masterclass illustrates how great people and culture management is a strategic imperative.

Future of Work is all robots, AI and automation, isn’t it? Not in the slightest. Most organisations are crying out for good people and fight to find and hire them. The idea of the value creating high-performer driving the company forward abounds. People are going to be just as big competitive advantage as technology. But it’s not just about finding and hiring them. It’s about delivering the best possible place for them to work. An organisation in which creativity, critical thought and cognitive diversity can flourish. An environment of collaboration, customer-focus and civil behaviours. This is HR’s future task.

Informed by years of cutting-edge management research and decades of practical experience in organisational transformation, this Masterclass explains how to deliver an organisational environment in which great humans can not just survive, but thrive, and everybody can produce the best work they are capable of.

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