I'm just a number to you, aren't I?

Why am I getting a bunch of emails through LinkedIn from companies offering me access to their cutting-edge people measurement technologies? Don't they read my posts?

I spend my whole life trying to educate companies into understanding that by measuring people in this limited manner blinds you to their possibilities and talents.

+ That it makes them disengaged, feeling boxed in and trapped, anxious and fearful.

+ That the measurement of the soul leads to toxic environments, in which nobody speaks their mind, asks questions, admits mistakes or challenges norms.

+ That it inhibits creativity and critical thought, leading to cognitively inflexible environments incapable of meaningful collaboration or the solving of complex problems.

Why would I buy these tools from you? Why are you writing to me?

Ah, is it because I'm just another number on your dashboard, of interest just because I'm a company director specialising in people, culture and change?

Therein lies my point. You are seeing me not as a human but as a number. None of the things that make me me are of any interest to you. Which, given the claims you make about your technology being able to reveal the deep cores of my cognition, personality and capability, is a little ironic, don't you think?

A little bit too ironic,if you think!