Is your organisational soil healthy?

Why do some organisations become toxic hellholes, rated as terrible places to work by Glassdoor, whereas others do not?

Why do some once great organisations become toxic, then struggle or die, whereas others survive and thrive?

The key seems to lie in the soil. Not the person.

Seems counter-intuitive? It's not.

Every organisation risks hiring a toxic person.

One of the qualities of the psychopath is how charming he first appears. Comfortable in talking about himself in an assertive yet relaxed manner, he shines at interviews.

He’s easy to hire. Many toxic people can do this. Hide their abusive tendencies with charm in the short-term. Not in the long! The question is, once hired, whether their poison spreads.


The Importance of Good Soil

+ Can they be disarmed before they explode in the atmosphere, taking down everybody?

+ Can they be cut out before they infect multiple parts of the organisation?

+ Will the organisation's ecosystem resist the toxic seed and stop it spreading like weeds, or will it get choked to death by its poisonous vines?

+ Will pathological levels of self-belief in the culture and its values prevent critical voices from warning of potential disruptive dangers to the company?


Toxicity can be cut off at the roots if the organisational soil is properly cared for. Is yours?