Organisational Misbehaviour = behaviours that cripple engagement, collaboration and performance.  

Through intense training and development programs we teach people how to identify and overcome misbehaviours that cripple the potential of organisations.

Standard Programs

Decision-Making in Complex Environments
How to cope with and overcome fear, anxiety, stupidity and toxicity in transforming organisations

Reimagining People and Culture Masterclass
Why HR must play a Strategic Role in the Future of Work

Teamwork Masterclass 1
Mastering skills that build Psychological Safety and drive stellar Team Performance

Teamwork Masterclass 2 
Mastering skills that build Collective Wisdom and enable Complex Problem-Solving

Bespoke Programs

We also create custom programs for organisations to address specific behavioral and cultural problems.


We partner with change consultancies, training organisations  and other institutions to augment their programs

Speaking Engagements

We deliver highly engaging and workshops on a variety of subjects relating to Organisational Misbehaviour

''How to handle the ambiguity, ambivalent and paradoxical nature of modern organisational life with intelligence, sensitivity and humour. Thinking at the forefront of modern discussion and debate''
- Richard Badham, Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Change Management, MGSM